April 14, 2014
Joffrey’s death is the kind of chaos that Game Of Thrones excels at.

I didn’t think they were going to do it on the show. In a world that is cruel and unfair, Joffrey was nature’s cruelest mistake. That doesn’t mean that the world can’t be unfair to him. NO ONE IS SAFE! We can’t rely on Joffrey to be the menace he is any more. 

It’s now going to be Lucha Libre for the crown. Not that is wasn’t already, but the time for plotting is over. There’s a dead king with no heirs. Kings Landing is going to be a warzone.

April 13, 2014
Bobbi Brown Is Convinced The Wage Gap Will Disappear In Her Lifetime

Maybe she can start with her own company?

April 12, 2014
Belle Knox inspiring more NYC co-eds to be strippers

I like that the story is that she’s inspiring girls to want to strip, rather then inspiring girls who entered the sex industry to go to college.

Also… this is a bullshit story. New York City has a population of 10 million. It’s kind of dubious a D level porn star really was the inspiration for entering the sex industry.  NeNe Leakes is way more plausible as an inspiration.

April 6, 2014
Man of Steel is flawed, but not terrible.

Last night I got to watch Man of Steel. I felt that it was a flawed movie, but not enough to ruin the whole experience. Zach Snyder got a few things right about the DC World, while disregarding some of the Superman cannon. He nailed the world of Superman. In the DC Earth, horrifying disasters are commonplace. People are always picking fights with Clark Kent. 

Henry Cavill was perfectly cast to be Superman. Physically, he meets the criteria. He’s also a capable enough actor. The kid who played a young Clark Kent was also perfectly cast. 

Michael Shannon was a terrible casting choice for General Zod. He brought exactly no menace to the role. His portrayal was that of a civil servant doing his job. I can’t imagine he was a first or second choice. Wonder what the story was with that…

The fight sequences in the second half of the movie were insane. They were the closest we’ll probably get to seeing Dragonball Z level fights in cinema.  I think people that watched Metropolis get thrashed forgot that the people of this world just accept it. The Americans of our world would be messed up mentally forever after surviving something.

Pa Kent was the strangest character in the whole movie. For a Kansas farmer, he had a very high level view of what would happen if his adopted son’s alien origins came out. His convictions were so strong that he gave his life without hesitation.  That’s just kind of crazy.

I think if someone else was cast for General Zod, this movie would have been more then the sum of its action scenes. That character needed someone who had some passion about killing everyone on Earth to resurrect Krypton. A hero is as only good as his or her villain. If there is a sequel to this (that isn’t Superman vs Batman) it goes the route of of continuing with the crazy over the top comic book madness,

March 29, 2014
An observation about human behavior in the world of “The Following”.

There are two types of people in “The Following”. Those who kill and those who get killed. For the latter, it’s normally due to a severe lack of preparation.

I would think that in a world where it’s been established that anyone can stab you at any time, there would be a big demand on armor. I’d also imagine that people would be more cautious of strangers then ever. Conceal and carry permit requests would be through the roof. Not once on The Following has a citizen been able to deliver a counter blow to someone attacking them. Only one woman was able to shove a 90 pound girl off of her.

The FBI exhibit this behavior of aloofness all the time. Apparently they haven’t learned that the killers in their America are capable of being sleeper agents. Well until recently when an FBI director finally wises up and gives Ryan Hardy funding to fight these maniacs.  Kind of amazing that with 3 people he’s able to disrupt their activities more effectively then the FBI.

It’s probably fair to say that the killers have figured out that normal citizens are just completely unaware of the world they live in. I wish the writers of The Following would make it harder for these people to have their way. 

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March 28, 2014
Say what you will about Game of Stones…

It’s an adventure. It seems kind of fishy that they always seem to get their hands on the stones. However there is nothing shady about anything else. Each show is a travelogue to parts of the world that are full of environmental hazards and danger. We are getting to see the world in a way that we couldn’t imagine. I am getting an education on different stones. Also, where else can we see a gypsy scam in Romania? Love it.

March 25, 2014


Report: 95% Of Grandfathers Got Job By Walking Right Up And Just Asking | Subscribe To The Onion’s YouTube Channel

My mom seems to think this is a viable option for job hunting. The trick though is that you only get the job if you say you’ll work for free.

March 22, 2014
Belle Knox is annoying

I was listening to her talk about this whole scandal on the Opie and Anthony podcast. Turns out she’s a feminist. It’s really off putting to listen to some 20 something talk about male privilege and patriarchy. As
she  knows anything about life beyond the bubble of gender studies. It certainly didn’t stop her from getting into Duke. It’s not their fault she couldn’t afford the tuition otherwise.

It wasn’t until she went on about slut shaming that I turned it off. She’s profited off of it via her job. The scene in “Facial Abuse” is basically her being shamed for being a slut. The pretense that women are this minority that consistently oppressed in this country is ridiculous. The guy who ratted her out got “porn consumer” shamed. 

It’s also telling about how she’s just as chauvinist as anyone. When they were asking her about slutty she was. The qualifier was always ” Only if he’s really hot”. Objectification goes both ways, and she doesn’t even know it. I’m not saying she has to blow every dude she meets. I’m just saying that there’s cognitive dissonance.

I am kindly asking media outlets to stop talking to her. This is only a story because people love and hate Duke’s mens’ basketball team. There’s a ton of porn stars in college in California. No one cares. If this happened in Chapel Hill (the next town over), no one would care.  Let the feminist movement try to make her in a martyr like that Sandra Fluke. It’ll be out of sight, out of mind.

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March 18, 2014
Does anyone believe that the People’s Couch isn’t completely scripted?

First and foremost, The People’s Couch continues to be a total abomination.  I can’t believe it made it to air, and a SECOND SEASON!!! I imagine some editor living out his job nightmare having to make a show that is barely watchable.

There is a trio of gay men that totally betrays the legitimacy of the show. I imagine they at some West L.A. apartment. They watch TV together in a completely icy manner. Whenever the edit goes to their viewing session, they always have some quip. It’s joyless. No one laughs. It’s a case of intersecting monologues. They are reading lines. The close-ups for the quip are completely staged. Plus they look like they hate every second of the experience.

They should find other gay men that aren’t miserable. Maybe some that react? At least the show won’t be brought to a halt each time they feature that demographic. The goal show be to make the show less un-watchable.

March 16, 2014
Just want to point this out about “The Online Dating Rituals of the American Male”.

The guys are all hunks. In my mind that makes the show a total fraud. It was obviously cast this way. I have a feeling that this might have been a pitch for a scripted series, but got kicked to Bravo for reality. 

I am always dubious of any show that features men with salon perfect hair, a body that requires 10 hours of gym time a week (not to mention the diet to keep the mass), and are good looking. Some of these guys seem like sex addicts or something. They have holes in their souls that they are trying to fill with dating. 

I’d watch the show if there were some guys dealing with some issues. For instance, one guy could just be average. Another guy could be 5 ft 7. As much as Patti Stanger wants to change her image, she’s still the bitch that yells at her clients for being short. 

Anyway this show seems as fabricated as Blind Date. From what I hear, people are watching it. Then again people must be watching “The People’s Couch.” Both shows are just unnatural as anything. Like I’d be caught dead on TV watching the  Oscars in bed with my parents.