July 19, 2014
#purgeanarchy ‘s trailer is even full of logic holes

Beside’s Sex Tape, I have been inundated with ads for Purge Anarchy. The concept of “The Purge” is probably the most interesting concept to be completely half baked out in movies. 

I think I’ve seen this dumb commercial where the white woman auctions off people to hunt. As the standard, sterile female voice over states murder is legal. Why don’t they just kill her? Shooting her in the face, and not paying is an option with no legal recourse. Why not blackmail her after the purge if she survives? 

I’ve also got to think the vigilante factor on Purge day would have to be strong. The concept is that people just want to kill each other as part of some ancient need for human sacrifice. Why not pick off these sadistic predators? If they are rich, why not coordinate a raid on their homes? Technically they can launch mortars at their mansions for 12 hours. 

All the imagination I’ve just show in two paragraphs is lacking in these movies. It’s all about sadistic white people getting to wreak havoc on unprepared idiots. 

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July 18, 2014

I have a fascination with media that portray nerds or homeless people with elaborate hairstyles or outfits. Every one I know that I would classify as nerdy doesn’t bother with putting this much effort into appearance.  Look at that guy’s hair. Tell me it didn’t take less then one person to put that together.

July 17, 2014

I need to to take exception with John Oliver’s take on the wealth gap. His contention that inheritance be taxed to prevent a landed gentry is ridiculous. In a lot of the clips he showed of Americans not wanting this tax, they repeatedly mention that the money is taxed twice. That’s what is really at the heart of people being against this tax, even though they may not be impacted by it. We are already directly and indirectly taxed at near 50%. Every aspect of our daily lives is taxed. That includes the electricity I am using to type this up. Our wealth after taxes is ours. No one should have a right to it unless they are in the will.

I have a real bone to pick too with any of these comedian news analysts. They consistently make fun of government for being inept and corrupt. However when it comes to taxing the wealthy, they are all for it. That’s assuming that the government won’t piss it away. Why should the government get to confiscate anyone’s wealth when they really haven’t earned the right?  I’d rather have a dumb rich kid piss that money away then have it pay for some bloated government program that benefits no one.

The 3rd point John Oliver makes is that Americans are optimistic that they can improve their standing in life. He is of the school that the game is rigged and that no one can get rich unless they inherit their wealth. To him working hard does not pay off.

Of course this is ironic. I am pretty sure John Oliver is rich. Call me crazy, but I don’t think he’s making $40,000 a year for his show annually. As far as I know, he isn’t the son of a wealthy land baron that got him on TV.  I wonder how he got to where he is at HBO…

July 13, 2014
[Movie] Transformers 4: Fuck This Movie

Probably the best movie review I have read in a while. Red Letter Media still produces the best movie reviews that can be watched.

July 13, 2014


(Source: realitytvgifs)

July 13, 2014
UNATTENDED!!!! realitytvgifs

UNATTENDED!!!! realitytvgifs

(Source: realitytvgifs)

July 13, 2014


I reblog this every time a new season of RHONJ premieres.

Omg, amazing. This is on Hulu Plus in full. I think if Kathy had given it right back to Tre, she’d still be a full HW.

July 12, 2014
Kandi’s Wedding

Bravo won’t stop showing the last episode of Kandi’s Wedding. I relented to watching some of it. It’s fairly disgusting. Kandi and her vicious mother Joyce are just on Todd’s ass about the pre-nup and his gold digging the whole time.

This episode I am watching is all about the pre-nup. I haven’t read through the document, but apparently it’s very lopsided . Kandi keeps complaining about Todd talking to a lawyer too. I like that Todd is standing up to her about her shitty terms. 

He eventually does sign the stupid thing. This has to be the least romantic of the wedding spin-offs. Apparently Kandi has never heard of a post- nuptial agreement. Her mom has also never heard or manners. They’ve really set Todd up for failure. I don’t even know why they are getting married. 

July 9, 2014
Israel Vows to Ramp Up Gaza Offensive as Civilian Death Toll Rises

I think this is a great example of how the media reports on war through a perspective. No mention of how many Israeli Civilians were killed or hurt. Do they not count? Hamas is firing unguided rockets into Tel Aviv to hit whatever. Half the Israeli population is in a bomb shelter. Does that even matter?

There’s talk of a ground invasion. If that happens, it might be WWIII.

July 8, 2014
The most baffling part about #Catfish on MTV is the Grey haired fellow.

Why is the grey haired guy’s hair so done up? It’s like he got a $300 haircut and has a stylist keep it up on every shoot. How old is he? Why does he hold a camera if he’s always on screen?

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