September 17, 2011
Big Sexy on TLC

I’ve watched enough of this episode to form an opinion. What I see is 5 women that outweigh me by 70-80 lbs (at least) and they are insanely flirty as a group. There’s an interesting dynamic where they are super confident in one scene, and vulnerable in the next. There’s also a lot of irony in that they talk a lot about being big and proud, but all the guys they lust after are thin or jacked. So for all their talk about fat acceptance, they don’t except it from the other sex.

Speaking of celebrating “big girl pride”, what are they celebrating? Diabetes and not being able to fit in to 99% of clothes? They keep on showing pictures of these girls when they were thinner. Heather was sexy. She still sort of is, but her belly is off-putting. Why would these women celebrate gluttony, though. I mean I just don’t understand it. One of the girls, the youngest, is 6 ft 3 and 335 lbs.  She outweighs me by 190 lbs as of now. She could be bigger. How long before she’s a shut in? How long before any of them are incapacitated by their morbid obesity? Is that anything to celebrate?

My favorite scene of this episode is some random guy calling out “Heavy, where you going?” Leslie calls it fat shaming. I call it an inside joke to my favorite scene from Beyond Scared Straight. It’s the one where the prisoner beckons a 12 year old boy to come over for rape with the taunt “Baby…”.  Sorry, I just find that stuff funny because it’s so wildly inappropriate. The girls seem to interview like they don’t have a whole production crew following them. People aren’t staring because you are fat, ladies. They want to know what the fuck is going on.

The one thing they have excluded from the show is their eating. There is footage of them at restaurants and bars. They show them drinking, but they never show them eating That’s sort of goes against “celebrating” being plus-sized. I don’t think that should be something that is hidden. If these women are volunteering to have their lives put on basic cable TV, and they are proud of their size, why hide the eating? Is it too exploitative? Leslie would be someone to watch. She has those dumb Betty Paige bangs. I bet she could eat a lot. I’d like to at least see what she orders. 

It doesn’t look like TLC is going to air more then 3 episodes. I don’t think there is an audience for this show. I am really fascinated by Tiffany. She’s such a sad sack. Her agent is telling her that she’s too fat to be a plus-sized model. How fucked up is that? Now they are teasing that she has thyroid issues. Her dream is to be a plus sized model, but that just seems ridiculous if she doesn’t put the work into staying in shape. That just seems so bizarre. If the show was just about her, maybe it would have a chance.

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