October 29, 2011
Tonya’s Claim

Tonya Cooley has alleged that in 2009, that she was raped with a toothbrush during a RW/RR challenge. The claim is that Kenny and Evan allegedly did this while she was passed out drunk. It was allegedly filmed and covered up by the production crew. 

I am really intrigued by the details of the accusation because it’s totally plausible, and yet it isn’t. Tonya has a reputation for being mentally unstable. I think she’s also an alcoholic. If I was the defense, that would be the best starting point for discrediting her. This allegation could easily be a paranoid delusion, and a money grab.

On the flip side, Kenny and Evan are disgusting pigs. I totally believe they are capable of doing something like this, because they think it’s funny. I also believe that the crew would allow it to go on while they filmed for whatever reasons. It could be shock or their disinterest. 

I have to wonder though how she would have ever found out this happened, if it did happen. That’s probably the most intriguing part. Did someone rat them out? Did she figure it out for herself? Was there drunken bragging? 

The thing is that the civil case may bring about the end of the contracts all participants sign. Bunim Murray makes people sign waivers freeing them liability for just about everything that happens in front of the cameras.  I am reminded of the case regarding that woman that was allegedly raped in Iraq by her KBR employees, and then allegedly imprisoned by the company. She couldn’t have her day in court until Al Franken stood up for her. This is sort of the same thing. I hope if the allegations are true she gets justice.

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