April 27, 2012
I figured out what’s really off about The Client List

Aside from how perfectly manicured everything is, the client sessions just seem ridiculous. ¬† I think they really wrote a romantic version of what a handjob session in a masseuse parlor would be. Jennifer Love Hewitt dresses up in these crazy expensive and specific outfits for each client. Maybe I am projecting here, but if I am going to one of those places, I don’t want female romance. It’s not important to be given a handjob by candlelight with sensual music for most men. Hell I’d just want silence except for a few encouraging words.

The other thing about those rich beefcake clients is that they are all older white guys who work white collar jobs. I was thinking about an episode of Cathouse that opens with a trucker that spent 10 grand to bang two hookers in a hot tub. Blue collar guys have a ton of cash, and they love to orgasm as much as anyone. ¬†They won’t show up to “The Rub Of Sugarland” even though that town is teeming with men that have dangerous jobs.

I am not even going to bring up how a client apologized for being a jerk on his way to bang a whore. Oh wait.. Yeah that’s pretty unrealistic too.