April 29, 2012

I’ve been reading a lot about how police really do have the legal power to arrest you for anything. This means if the police want you in jail, they can find a charge. This woman decided to film a police stop in front of her house on her property. She was arrested by the cops for “obstruction”. Keep in mind that she was standing on her yard in her pajamas. The cars the cops had probably have cameras in them to film the same situation. 

The charges against her were dropped, but the cops decided to hand out parking tickets in the neighborhood shortly after. The video was uploaded to You Tube and I guess they wanted some payback. That was also caught on video tape. Those were thrown out as well.

I was watching the woman in question explain her situation. The worst part about this is that the cops were never punished for using the law in this way.  On Loiter Squad, they did a parody of E.T. where the cops busted E.T. Elliot exclaims, “You in the system!” It struck a chord with me because that’s exactly what happens when cops use the abundance of laws to their advantage. They took this woman who was doing nothing illegal, and arrested her because they didn’t like being filmed. She was not preventing them from doing their jobs.

I find it comforting that this happens to women too. Usually I’ve seen this happen just to men. Keep in the mind the police can charge citizens with whatever they want. Whether or not the D.A. will drop the charges is another story.  Just pray if you get into one of these tangles with the police, that it isn’t a SWAT team that shows up your house by mistake.