April 29, 2012
Fitness Slogans and #fitspo

There are a ton of photos on tumbr for fitspiration and fitspo. A lot of them have slogans on them. It kind of rubs me the wrong way, especially the t-shirts. I think it’s tacky to wear those Nike slogan t-shirts If you are about it it, you shouldn’t have to wear it on your chest. It’s kind of like NeNe Leakes saying she’s rich, when Kandi is actually rich. Having to boast slogans comes from a real place of insecurity. Like all those women who wear “Diva” on their clothing. Real divas don’t need to have that word on their clothing.¬†

Another, it’s funny when girls post pictures of their allegedly healthy meals of strawberries, mangos, pita, and rice. Guess what ladies? Sure your meal is 200 calories, but it’s all sugar. Have fun starving and not losing weight. ¬†Think about this. Manny Pacquiao eats 7000 calories a day. He’s 5 ft 6.5 and all muscle. He’d drop dead if he ate one of these fitspo meals.

If that’s not good enough, Rhonda Rousey eats 6k calories a day. She’s the bantam weight champ for Strikeforce. If you think she’s some fatty, think again. She’s a monster that will break your arm.

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