May 3, 2012
The Customers of Hardcore Pawn

I think I must have watched 50 episodes of this show by now. I am really amazed that they literally have people come to start fights. About half the show features people walking up to Les, Ashley, or Seth and go through the motions. The motions are “show item for pawn”, “get a offer for way less then expected”, “demand the full amount”, and finally “get kicked out. 

If anyone thinks that people are just walking up to them without the production being involved you are sadly mistaken. What puzzles me is if they are screened first? Or if they are given a script? The side interviews are always “You think you are going to come into MY store and do…?”

If we assume that all of these skirmishes are legitimate, then this is total madness. Why would people expect to bully a pawn shop into paying them money for shit items? Is the pawning public of Detroit really this entitled?

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    it wouldn’t be “reality” tv if some of it wasn’t scripted. and thats the truth.
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